• 88M people strong, with smart, innovative, resilient people in every corner.  This extensive group is almost one-third of our nation's population.  But, they are often under served and overlooked.   


  • American Rural seeks to leverage their pioneering and entrepreneurial spirits to restore the economic vitality of these remarkable places. 


  • We are a coalition supported by individuals and corporations that seek to foster rural and small town opportunity and prosperity.  We need your help!

MAKE A POWERFUL IMPACT... The time is now.

Our message about entrepreneurship, technology, energy and other matters reflect our tag line - “Where America Grows” - and we are proud to be at the forefront of discussions regarding the changing opportunity equation for rural communities and small towns across our great Nation.



We work hard every day to “Inspire, Educate, and Connect” by promoting research and policies that help rural and small town Americans prosper.

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With 88M Americans living in rural or small towns, this community is often overlooked for purposes of engagement and endorsement.  Do you know how to reach them?

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